The Official Stuff and Key People

We are  privately owned by the Bowling Members and our official title is Northampton and District Indoor Bowling Association.

The Association is managed by a Committee Establishment of Seventeen Members elected annually at the A.G.M. The committee is made up of three Officers, Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer plus Fourteen Committee Members .

Since the club opened in 1986 there have been six chairmen, Eric Ward, Jim Batchelor, Jack Pragnell, Bernice Dimmock, David Masters. Our current chairman is Reginald Jones.



The Club Secretary is Colin Dalgleish
The Club Secretary who does most of the hard work and is always on ‘CALL’
He ‘juggles’ any emergency with his day to day work and has been doing an excellent job.
A big ‘THANK YOU’ Colin from the Members

The Club has always had four Trustees, the current  four being:

Michael Swift (since 2001)
Michael Tack (since 2006)
Reginald Jones (since 2016)
Stuart C Letts (since 2017)

???????????????????????A new member to the team – Hayley Beale.

Hayley is due to go on Maternity leave at the end of August 2017 and will return in April 2018. Jean Leigh will be covering Hayley’s role in the office until her return. Hayley has been employed since April 2014 to work in the Secretary’s Office alongside the Secretary.

Although only part time she has proved herself to be a good team member and always willing to help if necessary.