What must we consider as the most important project for the club?

indoor bowling green northamptonEach weekday morning we have 8 Rinks with 8 Gents playing on each Rink, from 9:45am to 12 noon. They are all retired and this has become the most important time of their day. They have a break at 10:30am for a cuppa and a ‘gossip’. At midday they have the opportunity to purchase a sandwich / roll / or hot meal. If they are not bowling on a certain day they invariably come to the club to watch their team and to ‘gossip’ with other members – a hot drink is always a MUST. They can then go home to spend the afternoon doing jobs around the house or shopping. In the evening they can sit – watch TV or whatever as they have been involved with other people and do not feel isolated or left out of life.

During the winter months it is often too cold and too dark for them to go out at night but they have had a chance during the day to talk, laugh and enjoy time with friends. As most of the members are pensioners and with economic situation as it is at the moment, we must try to keep our charges for Bowling to a minimum.

This also applies to members who play from 12 noon to 2pm, mostly retired and a lot of couples who finish their bowling session with a snack or meal, talking with their friends.

From 2pm to 4pm most days Ladies Leagues take over the club. Again, mostly retired, some of their husbands come along to watch and chat.

For our working members; The club has leagues on every night from 6:30pm – 10:30pm and Saturday matches to cater for these vital members.

So I would say the most important project for the club is to keep open daily for the 900+ members, some of whom view the Club as a second home. We must work to keep the cost of bowling to the lowest price we can to encourage our members to be able to afford to participate in this their chosen SPORT at one of the most CARING CLUBS for it’s members.

Another of our special features and conscious of current age level, our OVER 85 members have a reduction in their annual bowling fee as do the Junior members.